Creative is the beating heart of our agency, and we have assembled one of the most impressive creative teams in the business. We are a diverse group, each arriving at this position in a totally different way.  Our backgrounds include ad agency veterans, narrative filmmakers, documentarians, graphic designers, editors, musicians, and network TV producers – each bringing a unique perspective to the brainstorming table.


Our creative work has garnered countless awards, and has directly generated billions of dollars in sales.



Our Production department is a well-connected, well-oiled machine.  No matter what the creative calls for, we bring it to life, at the highest standard of quality.  No shoot is too big, or too small. From the humblest how-to video, to the most extravagant celebrity shoot – even halfway around the world – there is literally no production we can’t manage.


We have a world-class post-production facility, operating at a level of quality and output few can match. The facility is an interconnected, state of-the-art, custom-built wonder. If available technology can’t meet our demands, we build our own. And it’s all run by a formidable staff of technical experts and artists who make magic daily.

Our in-house facilities include:

25 interconnected edit systems. 

8 motion graphic workstations.

2 sound attenuated audio studios.

Our extensive post-production facilities allow us to deliver state-of-the-art, customized content for multiple platforms and markets, at massive scale.

Genuine testimony from real people is one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal, and we’ve built a highly sophisticated system for developing testimonials.   Our dedicated Testimonial Team screens thousands of people to find ideal candidates.  We then guide them through each step of their success journey, helping bring their story to the screen. Plus, being in constant contact with thousands of customers provides invaluable marketing insights.


We are also experts in:

Procuring and managing before & after photography and user-generated content


User Groups, including consumer-perception studies



For decades, we’ve worked with some of the biggest names in film, television, fashion, and music, which makes us experts at managing the unique complexities of shooting A-list celebrity talent. From initial search, to negotiation, through final spot approval, we deftly maneuver every aspect. 

SAG-AFTRA Talent Cost Control

Without close management, this line item can balloon out of control, and overpayments are common.  We’re experts at negotiating the most beneficial terms, and we’ve developed systems to closely monitor SAG-AFTRA usage to minimize costs.


To handle smaller shoots in a cost-effective way, we created Studio 87, a small in-house production facility with a flexible standing set that can be customized to accommodate a wide variety of needs.

We also have a large, professional kitchen that is perfect for shooting food-related content.